evangeline hotel aka
the greatest show on earth

Produced by Katy Moffatt and Tom Russell
Released 1993

Evangeline HotelGreatest Show"Moffatt has produced an album in which its quality is only exceeded by its integrity" —Sunday Journal, Edmonton

". . . a marvelously earthy, soulful country voice." —Country Music

"Katy Moffatt is a great singer. That means she doesn't just hit the notes and get the words right; Moffatt evokes the emotions behind the tunes and the meaning between the lines."—BAM

This recording was released as The Evangeline Hotel on the Philo label, and The Greatest Show On Earth on the Centerfire label. Click the appropriate title to purchase.

Track list:
1. Step Up, Buy A Ticket aka The Greatest Show On Earth (K. Moffatt/T. Russell) 4:10
2. A Little Love Is A Dangerous Thing (K. Moffatt/T. Russell) 2:38
3. This Heart Stops For Railway Crosses (K. Moffatt/T. Russell) 4:28
4. Better Let Her Run (K. Moffatt/T. Russell) 3:50
5. The Evangeline Hotel (T. Russell) 3:51
6. Blue Angel (K. Moffatt) 3:59
7. Born With A Broken Wing (K. Moffatt & T. Russell) 3:16
8. Dance Me Outside (K. Moffatt/T. Russell) 3:21
9. Amelia's Railroad Flat (T. Russell) 3:19
10. Billy Collins (K. Moffatt/T. Russell) 5:32
11. She's Drivin' Home Tonight (K. Moffatt) 2:56
12. Half Moon Boulevard (K. Moffatt/T. Russell) 3:51

Katy Moffatt vocals, acoustic guitar
Tom Russell duet vocal, harmony
Andrew Hardin
lead acoustic and electric guitar, tiple, high string guitar, 6-string bass, drums, percussion, vocals
Fats Kaplin dobro, lap steel, harmonica, accordion
Hank Bones
string and electric bass, vocals
David Mansfield violin
Gene Hicks piano
Larry Eagle drums, percussion